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Florenc 1413


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620 m² plot, containing a five-storey building with basement renovated in 2005 with a total built area of 2 695 m² and useful floor area of 1785 m².
Its enclosed volume, including cellar and attic is 10 614 m³.


The potential growth in prices of plots for construction, immediate rental income, increasing interest in this type of property, and the predicted evolution of Prague’s real estate market over the coming five years all reinforce our belief in how unique this investment proposition is.


average annual appreciation in price of construction plots over past ten years.


future potential growth in price 1m²/year for construction land in neighbourhood.


square metres useful area of property.

5 Million CZK

annual rental income!


The property is located in a protected conservation area in Prague 1 – New Town.

Florenc district

One of the most well-known and commercially promising neighbourhoods in Prague. The building was constructed around 1920. The property was originally a traditional brick apartment building, and it was reapproved during the 1990s for use as an administrative building. Renovation work was undertaken on it between 2004 and 2005 in order to transform the building into an accommodation facility.

The building has its original stone foundations, brick load-bearing walls, with ceilings depending on the period of construction in the basement and ground floor vaulted, and wooden beamed flat ceilings on other floors, with a mono-pitched roof in one section – galvanised steel roof covering, then becoming a gable roof – covered in clay tiles, wooden trusses. Exterior rendering, interior plastering. Each floor is linked via a spiral staircase, in the middle of which is an elevator which carries three people. The windows are wooden casement windows, doors are wooden, while flooring is laminate floating, carpeting or tiled depending on the nature of its use. The building is linked to complete utilities, while there is a gas boiler for the building on the 5th storey.


The property is divided into four sections of different use. The basement contains a restaurant with kitchen, the first storey contains facilities, reception, offices and administration for the hostel, while the 2nd to 4th storey contain 33 hostel-type rooms in two wings – the rooms have shared toilet and showers (divided into male and female) and a shared kitchenette, while the building is notionally divided by the staircase and the elevator it goes around, and the 5th story contains 10 hotel rooms, each with its own shower and toilet, and two rooms also with their own kitchenette.

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